Hole 2








The 2nd at Mornington is a fun, reachable par five that offers golfers a genuine birdie chance, while carrying some significant risks.

From the tee, the hole doglegs left and heads slightly uphill with trees down both sides of the fairway. A good, solid drive is essential to have any chance of getting home in two.

The obvious danger on your second shot is a line of trees down the left hand side, as well as a bunker and a fairway that angles away in that direction. It tends to encourage golfers to leak their second shot further to the right than is ideal.

This is where the 2nd hole can bite, as the undulating green is angled toward a steep fall off on its left, and protected by deep bunkers on the right. Golfers out of position, therefore, face a very awkward pitch shot across sand, and to a green that is running away from them.

There are no easy recovery shots here, but leaving your ball in one of the bunkers can actually be preferable to having it skip through the green, and tumble away down the bank.

Hole 2 Details

Mens Ladies
Par: 5 5
Distance: 451m 430m