Hole 11







With the wind at your back, and a fairly open fairway in front of you, the temptation on the 11th tee is to open the shoulders and blast a drive as far up the fairway as you can. The fairway slopes gently to the right, and the big mistake for many here is to miss the shorter grass. Hitting up the left side is ideal, because missing in the right rough brings a large tree into play on the approach.

For those who find the fairway, the second shot into the 11th green is a joy. The bunker short of the green is larger than it looks and probably catches more balls than it really should. The putting surface is also angled more steeply to the right than is apparent, so pulling your approach shot to the left can leave you with a tricky chip shot.

Though the 11th hole that can easily bite you with a ‘soft’ bogey, there are enough temptations here, and enough room off the tee, to make this one of the more birdie-able holes on the back 9 at Mornington.

Hole 11 Details

Mens Ladies
Par: 4 4
Distance: 346m 330m