Hole 14

There are many wonderful par threes in Melbourne, but only one that is built on clifftops directly above Port Phillip Bay. The 14th at Mornington Golf Club opened in 2017, and essentially plays straight at the Bay and toward the Melbourne CBD skyline.

Although the left side of the green is partly obscured by a foreground bunker, for those who can hold their nerve, and complete their golf swing, the tee shot is actually quite straightforward. There is plenty of room beyond the front bunker, but the temptation to over-hit the tee shot must be avoided. Landing your ball short and left of the pin is ideal. Bailing too far up the bank on the left can be a safe play, but you have less control over where your ball bounces and finishes. The deep bunker that hugs the right edge of the putting surface should be avoided at all cost.

The angle of the tee here on the 14th hole means the green surface is more visible, and easier to approach, the further forward you play. Regardless of the tee, swing away with a clear mind and – enjoy the view.

Hole 14 Details

Mens Ladies
Par: 3 3
Distance: 145 mm 115 mm