Hole 1

Your round of golf at Mornington begins with a gentle par four played from a tee set right beside the club’s Pro Shop.

Though the fairway appears to be fairly generous, there is a small copse of trees on the right side that will complicate your approach shot if you leak your drive and end up stuck behind. There is also a bunker on the left, so often the smart play is to use a fairway wood from the tee, and leave yourself a full short iron into the green.

The green itself is long but narrow, and angled from back to front. It looks much simpler than it really is, and is the scene of many frustrating three-putts. Each of the left side bunkers leaves the golfer with a difficult recovery.

Although 300m par fours can often feel like birdie holes, greed is probably your biggest enemy here on the 1st at Mornington – A par score of 4 is a perfectly acceptable start.

Hole 1 Details

Mens Ladies
Par: 4 4
Distance: 302m 288m