Area where the new Golf Cart Storage Shed will be constructed

I am pleased to advise members that work will commence imminently on the new Golf Cart Storage. Building plans and permits have finally been approved after delays that were beyond our control.

We have had a fantastic response from members who, by purchasing Debentures, have contributed a significant portion of the expected cost to build the new shed. Without these contributions the shed would not be built at this time. Debentures are still available for members to purchase at $5000 each.  Please contact me for more information regarding Debentures.

The new cart shed will house a mix of club owned and member owned carts, two seater carts and ride on carts, and we have started to compile a list of members who have committed to storing their cart in the shed for an annual rental fee. We still have spaces in the shed for more members carts so please let me know if you would like to store your cart in the shed. The annual fee has still to be confirmed but I expect it will be in the region of $450-500.  Remember, you don’t have to purchase a Debenture to be able to store your cart in the shed.

If any members have any questions regarding the golf cart storage shed please contact via email or come and speak to me in the office.

Craig Murdoch