The construction of the new 9th tee complex is well underway.  Following the removal of the four Cypress trees the bulldozer has now finished removing the layer of topsoil which has allowed him to shape the three tees.

The view down the 14th fairway towards the Bay is sensational and the 9th tee, 8th green and 13th green complex will be a special part of the course.

Next is to install the drainage and irrigation and then the complex will be turfed using some of the turf from the RHS of the 8th fairway.

The 9th hole will be open when the fairway is ready for play and this is expected to be around November or December.

There are plans to resurface the 7th and 16th tees at some stage once the 9th hole is back in play.  The resurfacing of the tees is a relatively quick process if it is done during the warmer months and will give us much improved tees on two of our best holes.  The beauty of having the 19 holes allows us to still be able to utilise 18 great holes while we improve others.

I will be posting regular updates on the progress of the 9th tee complex works for members to enjoy. First video is below. Not much to see but its a start!

If any members have any questions regarding the 9th works or any course matters please do not hesitate to speak with me.

Craig Murdoch

New 9th Tee from Mornington Golf Club on Vimeo.