On 1 August 2017 new Government legislation was introduced regarding smoking in and close to areas that are utilised for dining.

The new legislation affected Mornington Golf Club and as a result we had to create an area that could be used for smoking, 4 metres from the edge of where food is consumed.

The area we created was beyond the planter boxes as detailed in the above photo.

This meant that strictly NO SMOKING was permitted on the side of the planter boxes closer to the Clubhouse and includes the covered veranda area. These areas have been clearly marked with signage.

It is important that these rules are followed at all times as there are heavy fines that can be handed out to the Club and also to anyone who is caught breaking the rules.

Staff have been asked to monitor this and will be advising any one who is seen smoking in the non smoking areas to refrain from doing so.  Members assistance with enforcing these rules would be greatly appreciated by staff, Management and the Board.

For more information on this legislation please click HERE

For an interesting article on the legislation and how it affects businesses and individuals please click HERE 

If any member requires clarification on this legislation please come and speak to me.

Craig Murdoch