Dear Members

It has been quite a while since the last Captain’s Corner and I’ll use my knee replacements as a poor excuse for that. Thanks to all who have wished me the best and enquired about my progress. I hope to be back playing next month. I had the knees done at this time of the year so I would only miss the winter golf. However, many of my visits on comp days have been on beautiful sunny days and I have been quite envious of those of you enjoying the milder weather and the condition of our course.

There have been quite a number of positive comments about the state of the fairways and greens which is great to hear. I’m also hearing positive things about the quality of the sand in our new bunkers. It’s good to know, as this sand will be used when we top up our other bunkers around the course.

You will have noticed the yellow flagstick in the middle of our fantastic practice green. We will soon be replacing all of our flags with these yellow ones along with new flags which will provide a brighter, easier to see target for those long approach shots. A point of interest for you is that there will not be measurement strips on the flags on the par threes. This means we don’t need to have specific flags for the par threes, and we don’t have to keep replacing the measuring strips as they deteriorate. We will be providing tape measures when the new flags are installed. I would ask that when you are measuring for nearest the pin that the player holds the end of the tape against his/her marked ball and the marker measures back to the edge of the hole with the flag removed. In that way we will avoid damaging the hole by using it as a starting point.

I would also recommend carefully removing the flag before retrieving a holed ball to avoid the potential of damaging the edge of the hole by reaching in and getting it out with the flag still in.

I know the Maccy G is nearing the pointy end of the competition and wish all of those pairs still in it all the best for your matches. I certainly have missed being a part of it.

Hopefully there will be more sunny days throughout the winter for us all to enjoy our great course. Please remember to help keep it that way by observing the signage and ropes wherever they are. If you see a rope / post laying on the ground please put it back in and tighten up any loose ropes . Repair your divots, rake the bunkers, repair pitch marks and be proud of your club.

Love and respect the game. Love and respect the club.

Glenn Holbrook