Mornington Golf Club prides itself on being a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable place to visit whether to play golf, dine or socialise. This includes a standard of dress one would expect in such a place and for this reason we wish to stress the dress requirements for both the Clubhouse and the golf course. Your observance of our dress rules is expected.

Golf Course

  • Neat golf attire is required at all times.
  • Golf shoes must have soft spikes ONLY or joggers may be worn.
  • Dress shorts may be worn with long or sports socks.
  • Shirts with large motifs, beachwear and tracksuits are not permitted.
  • Denim is NOT permitted on the golf course at any time.


  • Please observe our relaxed Dress Rules.
  • Neat attire required at all times.
  • No beachwear or tracksuits.
  • Clean joggers, boat shoes and leather sandals are permitted as is neat and clean denim.
  • Clean soft spikes are permitted throughout the Clubhouse.